For couples and individuals

Life is filled with things you understand because you care passionately about them: spouses, significant others, children, friends, pets, jobs, neighborhoods, religions, schools . .  . it’s a long list.

Saving for retirement is almost for sure not on it. It’s boring, complex, obscure, scary, and cold. It doesn’t hug you back. Saving for retirement is incredibly important but there’s not a lot of short-term payoff in knowing how it works. What’s more, you might not know what you don’t know.

But we do.

We’re Palmer Retirement Consulting and we’re passionate about the process of your retirement.

From our offices in Indiana, we give you a close-up understanding of local conditions, including the job market, the economy, financial wellness, and the costs of retiring. Through our association with Commonwealth Financial Network®, we provide a skilled team of credentialed professionals in investment management, regulations, the worldwide markets, and the world economy. To tie it together we offer total dedication to fiduciary principles and rules.

We put the same passion into making the retirement process work for you as you put into the important things in your life. Get in touch and let’s talk about it. It’s the least your financial future deserves.